Employee turnover is expensive, disruptive and demoralizing. It’s also, to a great degree, preventable. That’s how I help. I specialize in guiding my healthcare industry clients in fixing this one specific problem.

Through a combination of things such as mentoring programs, organizational redesigns, and even, when necessary, moving out the deadwood, I help organizations reduce employee turnover. As a result, more quality people stay on, employees are happier, and organizations as a whole are more successful.


LSJ Leadership Coaching, LLC specializes in designing and developing solutions that help healthcare clients reduce turnover and retain the right people.


Keeping the right employees starts with hiring the right people. If you don’t get the fit right from the beginning, you’ll have turnover. Lots of it. Making that match is bit of an art form, but when it happens it can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Challenges in hiring aren’t necessarily about the quality or quantity of applicants — they can also be about the culture, the leader, or the job itself. With a strong foundation and talent acquisition strategy, everyone starts off on the right foot and with a clear map to guide them successfully through the process.

LSJ Leadership Coaching Services Include:

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Start with the end in mind by creating a recruiting plan that aligns with business strategy and ensures the right employees are hired and stay engaged.


The first few months of an employee’s tenure are critical. Getting it right can dramatically accelerate his or her ability to be effective. A strong onboarding plan creates a roadmap for early and sustained successes.



No one comes to work wanting to do the same thing, day in and day out — we all enjoy getting better at our job and learning new things. So you need to make sure the people working for you feel this way. Employee development is about providing opportunities to help people grow, so they feel they are making a difference and want to stay in the organization.

In addition to helping the individual contributors, development is about working with all levels of leaders to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful (poor people management is a top cause of turnover). Leaders need to develop new skills that help them to be good — even great — leaders. This creates engagement, a necessary piece in improving retention.

LSJ Leadership Coaching Services Include:

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps top executives understand their leadership style and needs, while developing skills to help them to achieve business results.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development helps leaders at all levels grow in their respective jobs. It also develops potential leaders who are on their way to the next challenge, using learning and development programs designed to maximize their capabilities.

Team Building

Teamwork has a dramatic effect on organizational performance. Through a team effectiveness assessment, a leader can understand the context of team dynamics and uncover common challenges, often with straightforward solutions.



You know them when you see them — employees who are happy and enjoy coming to work. They know the ropes and they help their co-workers with the ins and outs of their jobs, helping to ensure the organization’s success. They are easy to spot because, frankly, there aren’t that many of them! Engagement is about changing all that.

LSJ Leadership Coaching Services Include:

Retention Strategy

High turnover is largely preventable. And while it’s easy to understand the causes, reducing turnover is rarely simple. The solution focuses on building a “people first” culture while aligning with the business strategy. Components may include a competitive recruitment and compensation program; recognition programs that reward people in a tangible way; mentoring programs that facilitate learning relationships; and more. As a result, organizations attract the right employees, keep them happy, and reduce turnover.

Build a Better HR Department

Businesses need a nimble and proactive human resources organization to help retain the right employees. Transform your HR department from an outdated, administrative-only function to one in which HR partners with the business to increase employee retention and drive business results.


Linda St. John

Linda StJohn, MA, MBA, SPHR, GCEC

Linda St. John is Founder and Principal of LSJ Leadership Coaching, a Worcester, MA firm that specializes in employee retention in health care.

Linda’s work focuses on developing mentoring programs, redesigning organizational functions, and, when necessary, removing organizational “deadwood,” all with a focus on helping client companies hire and keep the right people.

In 27 years with Fallon Health, Linda moved steadily through the ranks, holding more than 10 positions across a range of functions, ultimately becoming the organization’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. In 2013, and during her tenure, Fallon was named as a top workplace in the “Education, Training and Career Development” category by the Worcester Business Journal.

Linda has a Masters in Organization Psychology and a graduate certificate in executive coaching from William James College in Newton, Mass. In addition, she holds an MBA in Healthcare Administration from Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts and a BS in Public Relations and Journalism from Utica College in New York. She is certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) 360-degree suite of assessments: Benchmarks, Executive Dimensions, Prospector, 360 BY DESIGN.

She chairs the Worcester Advisory Board of Bottom Line – an organization that helps low income, first-generation students get into college, graduate, and go far in life – and is a member of the organization’s Massachusetts Board.

Linda is a snowshoe enthusiast, avid reader, and self-described “spa aficionado!”


LSJ Leadership Coaching, LLC offers speaking engagements and keynote presentations:

Workforce 2020: Retaining the Millennials

By 2020, Millennials will make up over 40% of the global workforce and over 90% expect to stay in their jobs less than three years. This generation has a drastically different view on what they expect from their employment experience. The sheer volume of Millennials, combined with the increasing retirement of baby boomers, means that employers will be facing a leadership gap. Employers who understand the unique competencies and perspectives that Millennials bring to the workforce will excel at retaining them.

This presentation will address these challenges and offer practical strategies for retaining this new workforce generation. Contact us for more information >>


  • Linda StJohn is a talented, highly respected HR executive who is definitely the person you need on your team to tackle difficult and tough HR challenges. She is skilled, with a demonstrated track record of navigating a steady course in retaining the right employees in challenging and dynamic environments.  Her attention to detail and in depth understanding of "talent needs", makes her a unique expert in the field. She uses her expertise to bring forward keen insights into organizational dynamics and creates innovative solutions to the most difficult business challenges. I hold a high degree of respect and confidence in Linda's ability to partner with clients in building strong people and organizational capabilities. 

    Patrick Hughes
    Patrick Hughes
    President and CEO (retired), Fallon Health, 2010 – 2015
  • “I’ll confess that I was skeptical as to whether working with a coach would produce results for me. I quickly found Linda to be a vital confidante and a gifted facilitator of personal process. Our sessions helped me more objectively understand my professional strengths, weaknesses, and needs and to translate that knowledge into a flexible but clear plan. My work with Linda led me to new insights that have made me a better professional and to a new career that has made me a happier person!”

    Steven Ellis
    Steven Ellis
    Montague Town Administrator
  • “Linda StJohn added value by providing leadership coaching within the organization.  Her direction has helped staff to realize their potential, prioritize and delegate effectively, and strengthen critical skills needed to help bring the organization to the next level.  Linda combines her wealth of knowledge in organizational development with her warm and approachable style for effective results.  Highly recommended! ”

    Victoria Waterman
    Victoria Waterman
    CEO of Girls Inc. Worcester
  • “Linda is a creative and collaborative partner and coach. She created an open and trusting relationship that enabled me to focus on my current and future opportunities. Linda proved a trusted and valued partner – giving me the structure and insight to honestly make some tough, career-impacting professional decisions.”

    Scott Beaird
    Scott Beaird
    Director Talent Management, SCAN HealthCare


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